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The Bible Study Page

Sunday School Lesson

Are You An Anninias? The Risk of Sharing Christ.

What kind of reputation did Saul have among the early Christians? Also, he was present at the stoning of Stephen. **Get References.

Was there a bona-fied risk involved in Anninias approaching Saul? Had Saul not been converted, it would have meant Anninias' life. Since Anninias was not yet aware of Saul's conversion, what were some thoughts going through his head?

What did Saul (Paul) eventually become? The foremost missionary in the New Testament. A very instrumental person in the expansion of the Gospel and the starting and growing of churches.

Do you suppose Anninias had any idea that Saul would be used in such a special way? (Not likely).

What if Anninias had given in to his fears and had not went to Saul? If there had not been a Paul, how would the history of the early church be changed?

In thinking of the type of person Saul was (the reputation he had of persecuting and killing Christians), is there any of your school mates or neighbors that God could not use in a similar way?

Are you willing to risk the possibility of not being an Anninias? Do you think that you might interfere with God's plans for someone's life by refusing to take the risk of sharing Christ with him? There is always a possibility that you are the one that God is wanting to use to reach this person for Christ. Today's lesson is a good example of this.

Without your involvement, this person may not come to know Christ. And without coming to know Christ, this person can never fulfill God's purpose for his life.>

As Christians, do we not have the responsibility to risk getting involved to the point of sharing Christ with those around us?

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