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The Bible Study Page

"My Witness To Snake"

Used in Youth Sunday School in late 1980

A Monologue (by a teenager), written by Bob Conar

You're not going to believe this when I tell you. Because I'm not sure I believe it myself! By the way, my name is Johnny. Let me tell you what happened.

This new kid started attending our school last month. And, man, was he far out! The way he dressed and acted, I believe he was a druggie. He was proud of his nickname, "Snake".

I could tell by the way he talked and acted that Snake didn't know Christ.

Well, not many kids wanted to be seen around Snake. Some of the boys say that he is taking pills. They wanted to avoid Snake. I was going to avoid him too, except for one thing.

Because of some Sunday School lessons we had been having lately, it was really bugging me that Snake was probably going to hell unless somebody did something. And the crazy part of it is, I knew in my heart that one "somebody" was me!

It took awhile to get to know Snake. He kept his distance from "straight" kids. I invited him to join me for pizza one day. Man, did he ever flip!

Well, he went. He took me to the hiking trail at the park. I rode behind him on his motorcycle. On the trail, we were pretty much by ourselves. We stopped along the trail to drink our milkshakes. I showed him in my Testament how much God loves him, in spite of how he looks or acts. At first, Snake thought all this was a joke. But, he let me talk a little longer, and I shared with Snake the way to become a child of God.

Now it's your turn to flip, because you know what happened? Old Snake got right down on his knees and invited Jesus into his heart! Right there in the park! I was just barley able to lead him through the sinner's prayer, I was so shocked!

Well, you might say old Snake has "shed" his old skin. He's a different kid now. And he is talking to other druggies about this Jesus Who loves him so much!

(Look toward Heaven and say...) Thank you God for helping me to love Snake!!

Sunday School Teacher: Sometimes, if God did not have followers who were willing to go the extra mile, those hard to reach people might remain lost and face certain eternal destruction in hell. I should know. I was one of those hard to reach individuals. I thank God that He had some followers who were willing to go the extra mile or two to reach me. Without their willingness and compassion, I might still be headed straight toward hell.

Are you a child of God? If so, could it be He is speaking to you about someone who is lost? Will you go to him or her? And, in love and compassion, will you show them the way to Eternal Life?

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May God speak to your heart! Bob Conar