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Conar Outdoors Page

Smokies Stream One place we enjoy going to is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Its beauty is breathtaking! Christy and I enjoy the trails, and especially getting off the beaten path. We might cross the river using boulders as stepping stones, climb (low-risk climbing), get out on swinging bridges. Anne prays while we act crazy!
Smokies Panarama

In the Smokies, we have camped, picnicked, and just driven to enjoy sight-seeing. Christy and I love getting out in the middle of the woods and roughing it. We might just see who can skip a rock across the water. Once I thought I found a nice rock. When I bent down to examine it closer, I accidentally stuck my finger through the material. It was a yellow jacket nest!! I froze! Luckily, I didn't get stung!

The Woods

Oh, the serenity of the great outdoors!

first cave

Another place I have gone is inside a cave. These are not pictures of the caves I have been in. I didn't take a camera along. However, I have see much of the same formations as shown in these pictures. The caves were raw caves.

second cave The man who initiated the trips also taught with me in Youth Sunday School. His name is Robert McCaleb, an engineer. Robert is a cave mapper. He would survey an area using a special compass and someone holding a flashlight in certain points. He would do some math, then sketch the area using lines and notes as to the size of the area; crawlspace, or large room, for example.

third cave In the Alabama cave (not pictured), he took along another caver. Now, mind you, the two of them are serious cavers. It's like running into someone who can talk intimately about a sport, these men sound like scientists to me when they start their lingo! I was just along for the ride. And what a trip we had. There were several large rooms, and some crawl spaces.