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Name: Christy Conar
Age: 27
Years out of
our home:
     Country music &
     Country clothing
     Beating Dad
     at air hockey!

 This is my High School graduation picture (1995). One thing I enjoy is anything with eagles on it. This could be pictures, jewelry boxes, glassware, brass, crystal busts, etc. I made sure Daddy was going to include a clipart of an eagle on my page!

first eagle

Over the years I have collected dozens of eagle pictures, crystal, and glassware. I enjoy doing things outdoors with Mom and Dad. One thing we do together is go to a park and grill out. I usually have to try to keep Dad from being a fire bug and playing in the fire too much! Daddy used to do the cooking. But I have taken that over!

second eagle

Daddy and I enjoy running around in the woods together. Also, we enjoy shopping in Gatlinburg! I have bought some swords in Gatlinburg. These are some very good swords, and at a reasonable price compared to prices for the same item in Cleveland. Mom and I go shopping. Don't all women?

I have moved out on my own four to five years ago, but still enjoy checking up on my parents. Someone needs to keep an eye on them!